Tax Injustice and Inequality: It’s time to even them up!

One important source for development is tax revenue mobilization.  In the last few years, the corporate income tax rate is decreasing which leaves space for big multinationals to use aggressive tax policies for the minimization of their tax bills. Both,the increasing trend of corporate income tax competition and the fight between governments to attract investments, decreases a lot the effective tax rates of
big multinationals.

While I was working on my Master Thesis
in Foreign Direct Investments and Tax treaties, I realized that harmful tax
policies and tax competition are costly for developing countries. Since then, I
started thinking about the inequality and poverty and I am
wondering: How can least developed and low income countries provide the
livelihood services to their citizens if they do not receive sufficient tax revenues?
How can every child go to school if the governments give gifts to foreign
investors and decrease their corporate income tax rate? It’s time to stop this
phenomenon and make tax fair for everyone.

Oxfam launched the Even It Up campaign which focuses
on the extreme inequality and poverty and ask for a World
Tax Summit
. Rich people and big companies are the
beneficial players of this game of tax competition. By paying lower amounts of taxes,
they increase their wealth and at the same time have the power to influence the
governments for their own benefit.


Do you think that this is a fair justice world? In
my opinion it is not and I have a hope that this can change.  This internship opportunity at Oxfam Novib
makes me feel that this change will come and extreme inequality will be reduced
in the future. The following months, I will study about the consequences of the corporate income tax
competition to developing countries

I am glad
that I can combine studying about a topic that I truly like while I can help
with my ideas and motivation for a world without tax inequality. I am happy
about this beautiful journey at Oxfam Novib not only for the project itself,
but for the inspiration and motivation that I receive from Oxfam Novib Academy
as well. I am definitely looking forward for the
results of my research. I hope that the results will help to make the tax systems more fair, transparent and

Georgia Dimitriou

Georgia is currently working on the Fair Tax project at Oxfam Novib. Born and raised in Cyprus, her passion for fair tax systems makes her an unconventional student of finance. To her frustration, her travel time from Grongingen to the office is often longer than the time it would take her to fly home. 


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