A special day for Giro 555

When an exceptional disaster occurs, eleven cooperating aid organizations work together as Giro 555. Giro 555 is a part of the Emergency Appeals Alliance (EAA), which is a global partnership in which organizations from 10 different countries are connected and by which they are able to share knowledge and resources for overseas emergencies.

On the 6th of March 2017 Giro 555 was activated again. This time for the famine under which 20 million people in Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen suffer. Because of a combination of extreme drought caused by climate change and violence, there is not enough food for people from these four countries. Currently, 1,4 million children are severely malnourished.


During this national appeal, Oxfam Novib had the lead and as an intern here I was more than happy to help. On March 29th a special day was organized to raise money for this cause. During this day prominent people like politicians, presenters, actors, and singers were present. Dutch celebrities performed, were part of the call panel, or  took a seat in the digital lounge. My task during this day was to help them with making posts for social media in the digital lounge. The web care team selected and directed messages from people who organized a special activity, event or made a donation to Giro 555.

Together with other volunteers I made photos of the prominent people who were present while they were holding up a sign with a personalized message for that person in order to thank them for their support.

It was an inspirational day with so many heartwarming messages of people who had organized a special event, set up a creative activity or donated for this cause. There was a primary school that had organized a water race, a cab driver who donated his whole income of this day, and a fashion designer who set up a raffle where people who donated could win one of her bags. But moreover it was a fun and special day and I am grateful for all the organizers, volunteers and other people involved who donated their time and energy and made this day such a big success with as an end result more than €30 million worth of donations.

This blog was written by Melissa Niemeijer, Communication Intern – Empower Youth for Work. Read more about Melissa here!


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