Demanding Land Rights Now!

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Did you know that secure land rights for Indigenous Peoples and local communities are a tested, cost-effective and practical solution to climate change?

Indigenous Peoples and local communities are protecting rainforests, pasturelands, alpine deserts, small farms and wetlands all across the world. However, without secured land rights, they are vulnerable for eviction and land grabbing by governments and companies investing in fossil fuel projects, palm oil plantations, hydroelectric dams, deforestation projects and other harmful exploitations of the land. Through secure land rights, Indigenous Peoples and local communities can protect their land and thereby help to save the Earth from climate change.

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This is why Land Rights Now movement launched a week-long global mobilization and campaign starting on Earth Day. During this week, the movement raised global attention for Land Rights Now, sending a message of all over the world that secure land rights are essential to protect the Earth and fight climate change.

All across the world people gathered in villages, capitals and small  towns to make a thunderous noise for Indigenous and community land rights. In 27 countries all over the world, 43 events were organized, including TV and radio shows, conferences, marches, tree plantings, workshops and much more.

As a communications intern at Land Rights Now, I was closely involved in organizing the mobilization. In the weeks leading up to Earth Day, we called and e-mailed hundreds of organizations all over the world to join us. We helped them with their events by sending them guidelines, posters, banners, a policy brief and much more. We also prepared an extensive online campaign, which included advocacy videos, photo submissions, sharing stories and petitions and much more.

In the Netherlands, we also organized a film screening in Amsterdam, showing interesting short-documentary films about land struggles and climate change followed by a panel of Indigenous guest speakers. Also, together with Oxfam colleagues and ActionAid, we joined the People’s Climate March in Amsterdam, with which we closed the mobilization.

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Overall, it was a great success with many people attending the events all over the world, and Land Rights Now got 13,000 new likes on Facebook and 11,000 new subscribers to the newsletter. Definitely a great experience to be part of such a successful, global campaign!

Eline Achterberg, Communications Intern at Land Rights Now: The Global Call to Action on Indigenous and Community Land Rights. Oxfam Novib Academy
Read more about Eline here!


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