It’s a wrap: The Oxfam Novib Pub quiz

A green-screen, Ultra HD cameras, studio lamps: this was not an ordinary day at my internship at Oxfam Novib. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been working on our ‘online Pub quiz project’.


During the Even it Up campaign, our so-called ‘Tax heroes’ (aka our volunteers) and experts of the Tax Justice network co-hosted Pub quizzes on tax justice at political youth organizations. This was a great success: participants learned more about the topic in a fun and casual manner.

As the feedback we got on the quiz was super positive, it was decided to broaden our reach and advertise the (free) pub quiz in our Fair Tax newsletter. The requests for a pub quiz however skyrocketed: over 50 people filed a request. We did not want to place such a burden on our volunteers; so we had to think of a more innovative solution to share our knowledge on tax in a entertaining manner. The idea of the online pub quiz was born.


Ready, set, action!
First, an online platform was build on which we can enter our quiz questions. However, just playing a online quiz without any visual support or personal quiz master seemed dull. We decided to also ‘digitize our quiz master’: we asked Rogier Elshout , one of our Tax heroes and professional presenter/moderator, to help us out. Rogier enthusiastically took on the project. I found a suitable filmmaker (Peter de Jong, Creative Desk) and after drawing up the script, it was time for the actual production of the video’s: and this is how I ended up in film studio, instead of the Oxfam Novib Office.

While the topic of Tax justice can be complex, Rogier managed to deliver the information in a clear and simple way. By the end of the day, Peter could already present a first version: see the Sneak Preview below…..


It’s a wrap.  Not only for the recordings of the pub quiz, but also for my time at Oxfam Novib. In my last couple of days, I will finalize this project and complete some other minor tasks.  I really enjoyed working at Oxfam Novib and participating in the Oxfam Novib Academy. Thanks to all my colleagues for making this possible!

And… don’t forget to play the quiz once it’s out!


This blog is written by Yvette Hogenelst, intern Campaigning and Communications, Governance and Financial Flows unit. Read more about Yvette here!






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