Pizza to stimulate co-creation

As an Innovation&Learning intern one of my responsibilities is to organize and promote learning events on behalf of the Innovation Team. First such event was a co-creation lunch dedicated to the topic of ‘Human Rights in a Digital Age’, aiming to set the possible stage and strategical direction of Oxfam  Novib  in relation to this topic. The event was organised to define the  Tech  for Development (Tech4D) Strategy that aspires to attune Oxfam Novib’s work to the increasingly digitalized world.

Stressing the relevance of this topic and so the importance of this event, the team has decided: What can better stimulate people’s interest to participate in the first place as well as give them energy for a constructive discussion than proving a delicious free pizza?

As the organizer, I was pleased to moderate a very fruitful discussion among 25 passionate colleagues of Oxfam Novib joining in person and another three participants form around the Oxfam Confederation joining online. Likewise I was delighted that the co-creation in working groups was evaluated as useful, the pizza was considered as the right stimulus and the event received an overall positive feedback.

The focus of the co-creation was placed on the following five themes: (i) Shrinking digital civic space; (ii) Bridging digital gender gap; (iii) Inclusive and ethical artificial intelligence; (iv) Human rights and accountability of the tech sector and (v)Youth in the digital age, with plentiful subtopics affiliated to these themes. Being not much of a ‘tech person’, the topic of human rights in the digital age was to a larger extent a new domain to me. As such, preparing for this event and studying the five focus themes was a great learning experience. It has certainly broadened my knowledge and also opened my eyes in many issues, for instance encouraging me to reconsider my own online safety. I was happy to eventually transfer my learnings into a comprehensive report summarizing the outcomes of the co-creation.

Post written by Veronika Sojkova, LinkedIn

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