What it means to be at Oxfam Novib

As an intern in the Governance and Financial Flows thematic unit who joined the Oxfam Novib Academy in Fall of 2019, I have already had so many opportunities to thrive. Within two months, I was able to attend several presentations by teams from around our office, a few workshops organized by the academy and a meeting between Oxfam Novib and its partners abroad.

While there is ample work to do in my position for our team’s project, you will also find that ON provides constant opportunities for personal development throughout your time there. As an intern, you are more than encouraged to take on new challenging tasks or venture yourself in topics you have particular interest in, something which I greatly value. This supporting environment is only reinforced by the people who make up Oxfam, in whom I have rarely seen such determination and passion for their work. If you are lucky enough to be chosen as a new intern for the next round of admissions, you will find that your colleagues are always willing to help,and eager to hear your point of view as well.

While it can sometimes be hard to entirely understand the width of Oxfam’s work as they are involved in so many areas, or to see the full value of your contribution as the organization is rather large, thereis an upside to this. After a week or two of starting your work, you will start to realize that you are part of a huge network of people sharing the same values and drive, within which you will encounter countless possibilities for positive change.

This post was written by Alexis Chalon

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