Alumni 2017/1

These are the bright faces of the Oxfam Novib Academy. Find out who they are, what they do and why they are fighting to defeat poverty. Click on the pictures to learn more!

Marion- “I cannot come up with one single best memory. But I am sure that if there were one, it would include sun and a bunch of lovely people.”

Louise- “As a kid, I wanted to be a singer because that was the only idea I had of what a successful woman was. However, between competing with Beyonce and fighting poverty, I choose the second one.

Joris-“My best memory at this moment is from a few weeks ago, when I bought my first ever, 40-year-old motorcycle. Now I can finally skip the long train rides to the Oxfam Novib office in The Hague and drive my bike to work.”

Eline- “As a kid, I wanted to be an archeologist but I changed my mind when I learned that archeologists do not just randomly dig in the ground and find dinosaurs all the time, but actually have to do a lot of research and usually only find bits and pieces of boring pots and pans…”

Yvette- “As a kid, I wrote my own 2-paged newspaper called the “animal newspaper”. Unfortunately, I did not have that much talent for sales as I had for writing, so my parents were the only ones who got to read the paper. Nevertheless, they were proud and happy to read my stories, which made me a happy, little, journalist. “

Nina- “One of the things I am pretty proud of is going back to study after seven gap years; living life day by day, trip to trip. And when I did return to the books, I just loved it and really went for it. You could definitely say the past three years have been a big success.”

Saskia– “When I was really young, my favorite television program was ‘Taarten van Abel’. It made me so happy when I saw these beautiful cakes created by him and a child. This inspired me to bake cakes for my family every Sunday as well. Which I enjoyed a lot! So at that time, I thought to have found my calling.”


Christal- “My biggest success is pursuing my work and further education at development studies field despite my original background of International Business and Management. It was an unlikely choice and was a surprise for my friends and family but I think I made the right decision as it is so fulfilling.”

Melissa-“If I could do anything right now, I would visit all the countries on my bucket list (which is a very long list!).”

Emil- “I wanted to become a chef, but then my mom told me that I would have to work weekends so I gave up on that dream. “

Marjorie- “I wanted to become a million things, and now that we’re talking about it I realize I haven’t given up on the idea of having a million different careers, maybe not doctor or astronaut anymore, but who knows!”

Gwendolyn- Project coordinator

Esther- Project lead