Academy Students


Maria – Gender Justice Team: “I have personally experienced the difficulty of providing sanitary products, contraception, or attention to possible cases of abuse when you hardly manage to provide refugees with food, water, clothing and sanitation. Now, I am curious to see how other organisations deal with the issue.”


Valerie – Impact Measurement & Knowledge Team: “Most logically my biggest success ever would probably have to be something like (soon) finishing university as the first person in my family to do so, but actually there is another thing I am particularly proud of: the youth chess club I founded.”


Romee – Marketing and Communication Team: “I get inspired by the people around me. This may sound really cheesy, but I love to hear their stories and energize myself with the motivation of others. I try to surround myself with people who like to work hard for their goals, and this motivates me to do the same.”


Shekoufeh – Gender Justice Team: “Since I started my undergraduate studies in English Literature and Comparative literature, I became more and more aware of the importance of activism in achieving social and cultural as well as legal changes in society. I applied at Oxfam Novib as it aims to defeat poverty and to promote equality.”


Roos – Humanitarian Team: “In Tacloban, I became intrigued by the diverse roles and agency of humanitarian actors and the impact they have on post-disaster resettlement processes. My experience there inspired me to join the Humanitarian Team to contribute to empowering local and national humanitarian actors!”


Daniela – Youth Team: “My team gives me the opportunity to bring together my background as a journalist with one of the main pressing challenges the world is facing today: youth (un)employment. As a young woman, taking part in this project is my way of acknowledging the reality that affects us, but also ensuring a youth perspective in it.”


Miriam – Impact Measurement  & Knowledge Team: “During my work and studies, I noticed how much valuable information from various sources is out there but remains unused and inaccessible. I want to find out how we can increase impact by making better use of our knowledge.”   


Anne-Kathrin- Food, Land and Water Team: “My expectations of this internship are: broadening my professional working experiences, exchanging ideas and experiences, working on a great campaign with an international team, and learn something new every day – because you should never stop learning!”


Sake – Food, Land and Water Team: “An important part of the work is to promote responsible business conduct in value chains. I find this especially significant, as it shows how development NGOs in the global North remain relevant: the food we consume has an enormous impact on the livelihoods of people in the South.”


Chloe – Youth Team: “I applied to Oxfam Novib because I really wanted to see what professional life is like at a large NGO that manages multiple projects across many countries.”


Annelin – Impact Measurement and Knowledge Team: “Oxfam’s Stories of Change allow me to look at beneficiaries’ own experiences, which as an anthropologist I believe should be central to development.”


Danick – Food, Land and Water Team: “I quickly discovered a passion for sustainability. Yet, the better I understood the science, the clearer it became to me that Global Climate Change is a social phenomenon, both through its causes and its final effects.”


Katharina – Even It Up Team: “I am hoping to learn about the perfect balance: between what seems to be the right tax policy and its impact on the individuals effected by it.”


Malou – Even It Up Team: “We live today and we should enjoy living today. I wish all people in the world would have the opportunity to enjoy living today.”  


Jisca – Transparent & Alternative Finance Team: “I applied at Oxfam Novib because I am interested to see how a NGO differs from a commercial company.” 


Laura – Gender Justice Team: “Oxfam has always been an organization that speaks to me because it tackles so many aspects of global issues. This is also something I hope to learn during my internship, to directly see from the perspective of a NGO that global issues are not black and white, but more holistic.”


Anne – Youth Team: “I found myself following my father’s footsteps. The life that his career provided me with, is the life I wish to pursue as a professional myself. I applied to Oxfam Novib, because I view this experience as my first taste of the type of professional journey I intend to pursue.”


Arisa –  VOICE Global Team: “Believe it or not, I dreamt of being a flight attendant when I was young. But as the saying goes ‘everything happens for a reason’, certain events in my life led me to the development and gender world. I never had any regrets being in this world. In fact, this blessing of going into the development work gives me this sense of fulfillment in life.”


Radvile –  Conflict and Fragility Team: “As a citizen of Lithuania, a former Soviet country, I feel very deeply for all the nations and people who are oppressed and suffering in the present day. In the future I hope to contribute to ensuring that there is less suffering and we as a global community learn and improve instead of repeating practices of oppression and power games from the past.” 

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Julia – Food, Land and Water Team: “What inspires me to work within Oxfam is the spark in people’s eyes when they speak about their projects and I love the passion and energy my colleagues put into their work!”


Kathinka – Coordinator Oxfam Novib Academy: “It provides me with a lot of positive energy working with such a wonderful group of  talented and motivated young individuals.”


Esther – Project Lead