Marjorie, soon to be done studying communication management, from Switzerland and Haiti, loves Mexican, Italian and any food basically. I am addicted to starting new hobbies. Oh, and aspiring minimalist.

1.What has been your biggest success until now?
My 11-month-old son is, according to me, very much the cutest (and funniest) creature that has walked the earth to this day.

2.What is your best memory?
My best memory was the one of my wedding, just because it was an excuse to have all the most important people that love in one place, and I made them fly to me, just so that we could celebrate and party together.

3.If you could do anything you’d want right now, what would it be?
I would pack up and move to another place. Anywhere, just somewhere new to explore.

4.As a kid, what did you want to be when you’d grow up?
I wanted to become a million things, and now that we’re talking about it I realize I haven’t given up on the idea of having a million different careers, maybe not doctor or astronaut anymore, but who knows!