In 2013, I moved to Rotterdam to study International Communication and Media (IBCoM) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.  I initially started this program because of my interest in journalism but throughout my studies my enthusiasm for social issues and politics grew. After completing my bachelor, I was unsure in which direction I wanted to head next and that is how I ended up here, at Oxfam.  I am not completely sure where I want to take my life, but I am certain that my internship and the Oxfam Academy program will be of great help in guiding me in the right direction!

  1. What has been your biggest success until now? 

I think my biggest success is not a single achievement but rather a mindset. I think my biggest success is that I dare to take the chances that I am offered. I dared to take up an international bachelor study.  I dared to study and travel in New Zealand by myself. I dared to ask out the guy that I liked (which turned out pretty well, we are still dating J ). I dared to quit my Master studies when I felt like I made the wrong choice. I dared to redirect my life. I dared to apply for this internship. I believe that you learn most from doing thing that scare you at first. I think that facing your fears is a path to (future) success.

2. What is your best memory? 

I remember sitting in the garden at my best friend’s house. We were 17, perhaps 18 years old, and about to finish high school. It was a sunny day in the spring and we were talking about the future. We could not imagine how our life would change in the next few years. We could not imagine studying. We did not know where or what we would study. Or if and how soon we would move out of our parent’s house. When I think of that moment, in some way it feels very close, like it was yesterday. But when I think about our lives at that moment, it feels like such a long time ago. By now we finished our bachelor studies, and are both taking our lives in very different directions. But we both cherish this memory. And the best thing: we are still best friends and create new memories together J

3. If you could do anything you’d want right now, what would it be? 

I am really bad at making choices, so for me, choosing something I’d want to do right now, and allowing me to choose from everything, is not an easy task. But as I can choose anything, I would choose some out of the ordinary. I would like to follow around Donald Trump for one day and sneak peak not only into the work life of an American president but also get to know more about him as a person. His policies oppose everything that I believe in as a person and I would like to learn more about his thought process and beliefs.

4. As a kid, what did you want to be when you’d grow up? 

As a kid I soon realized that did not possess the right skills to become a singer.  After a hopeless audition in my school’s local “Idols”, I decided I wanted to become something else: a journalist. I wrote my own 2-paged newspaper called the “animal newspaper”. Unfortunately I did not have that much talent for sales as I had for writing, so my parents were the only ones who got to read the paper. Nevertheless, they were proud and happy to read my stories, which made me a happy, little, journalist.