Academy Students 1

Louise- “As a kid, I wanted to be a singer because that was the only idea I had of what a successful woman was. However, between competing with Beyonce and fighting poverty, I choose the second one.

Marjorie- “I wanted to become a million things, and now that we’re talking about it I realize I haven’t given up on the idea of having a million different careers, maybe not doctor or astronaut anymore, but who knows!”

Emil- “I wanted to become a chef, but then my mom told me that I would have to work weekends so I gave up on that dream. “

Melissa-“If I could do anything right now, I would visit all the countries on my bucket list (which is a very long list!).”














Marion- “I cannot come up with one single best memory. But I am sure that if there were one, it would include sun and a bunch of lovely people.”

Joris-“My best memory at this moment is from a few weeks ago, when I bought my first ever, 40-year-old motorcycle. Now I can finally skip the long train rides to the Oxfam Novib office in The Hague and drive my bike to work.”

Eline- “As a kid, I wanted to be an archeologist but I changed my mind when I learned that archeologists do not just randomly dig in the ground and find dinosaurs all the time, but actually have to do a lot of research and usually only find bits and pieces of boring pots and pans…”

Yvette- “As a kid, I wrote my own 2-paged newspaper called the “animal newspaper”. Unfortunately, I did not have that much talent for sales as I had for writing, so my parents were the only ones who got to read the paper. Nevertheless, they were proud and happy to read my stories, which made me a happy, little, journalist. “














Nina- Nina is part of the Impact Measurement and Knowledge Team

Saskia– “When I was really young, my favorite television program was ‘Taarten van Abel’. It made me so happy when I saw these beautiful cakes created by him and a child. This inspired me to bake cakes for my family every Sunday as well. Which I enjoyed a lot! So at that time, I thought to have found my calling.”














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